About Us
For more than 15 years, J. Anderson Pirtle and the Compass Development Group have worked diligently earning a reputation for excellence in building luxury residences. Our goal today and everyday is to build quality and livability into every home we deliver.

By combining new technology with proven old-world traditions, the Compass Development Group, quite simply, builds a better home. The firmís great successes, however, have come without sacrificing our founding principles and traditions. Our ability to balance the best of the past with the most innovative ideas and materials of the present is what makes a Compass home unique. Each of our designs incorporate features that embrace tradition while understanding the necessities of todayís fast paced family.

The quality craftsmanship that goes into each Compass home dramatically increases the value of your investment. The high quality of a Compass home is a result of experience, the diligent management of the construction process and our long lasting relationships with the quality tradesmen crafting each home. The goal for every client is to deliver a zero defect, zero punch-list home. As lofty as this goal may seem, it is embedded in our psyche and the psyche of our tradesmen.